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Ice Pick Acne Scars – 3 Mistakes You Want to Avoid

The technology that dermatologists most highly value to get rid of ice pick acne scars is a combination of microsurgery punch excision and closing of small scars, plus grafting larger scars, followed by several sessions of laser resurfacing or dermabrasion.

Disclosure of the results experienced by ice pick acne scars victims that have gone through those professional solutions, and surveys revealing how they feel or look after investing their time and resources, is rather scarce.

Anecdotal evidence, some surveys and the review of a few studies published online, seem to picture the following scenario: roughly 35% are disappointed or very frustrated by the results they see. 30% are somewhat satisfied. 15% say they expected better results but they can live with what they now see in the mirror. And only 20% are satisfied with their new soft, smooth, un-scarred skin and happy with the compliments they hear from people that care to comment on their improvements.

Among those satisfied or very satisfied, as is in many other fields of life, the Pareto statistics law seems to hold: 80% have used a natural topical regenerative booster before and after, or only after, going through punch excision plus grafting and laser resurfacing or dermabrasion in a clinic, under the supervision of skilled cosmetic or plastic surgeons.

As in any and all technological innovations, early adopters get the benefits and then it takes years for other people to realize what they’ve missed. So this is the first mistake you might consider avoiding.

Learning from mistakes other people fall prey too on their search for a solution is a great starting point. Once you have an idea of the errors others have made you will be empowered with knowledge that will assist you on your own decisions.

This can be applied to any situation and especially when trying to get rid of Ice Pick Acne Scars. The Internet allows all of us to succeed in accomplishing our goals by facilitating “Mistake Search”. Take advantage of this and be successful.

Here are the Top 3 mistakes we find people making when trying to get rid of ice pick acne scars permanently

1. First of all many people opt to undergo Punch Excision and Grafting, as it is the only effective treatment available to completely remove DEEP ice pick scars, and if followed up with the latest in Laser Resurfacing results in soft, smooth, un-scarred skin BUT the majority do not take advantage of the benefits of following up this type of treatment with a Natural Regenerative Skin Cream.

This oversight is very important to mention because Quality Regenerative Skin Care products are at the cutting edge of Regenerative Medicine and therefore somewhat unknown to the wider community even though they have been proven to relieve the side effects of laser resurfacing and can even be used in conjunction with Isotretinoin and Retinoid drugs while acne is still active to avoid their side effects by strengthening the otherwise fragile skin.

A Breakthrough Discovery in a snail farm has led to the development of a skin cream that contains an Immune Serum that utilizes Enzymes to Dissolves Acne Scars

Get ahead and seriously consider researching how following up surgery with an all natural topical cream made with the Immune Serum collected from the Helix Aspersa Müller snail (and one that is collected as a renewable resource and without hurting the little creatures) can help you hasten your recovery. This amazing gift from nature is created within the skin cells of the Helix Aspersa Müller‘s own innate immune system, which is highly evolved in comparison to our own system when it comes to preventing and healing local injuries to the skin.

This particular immune serum is packed with complex molecules that have skin regenerative properties and this has been validated by some of the most prestigious Dermatology Services in the world in a recent scientific publication. Below, see a snapshot of the cover of this publication, including the authors and their respective Institutions:

2. Next big thing we have found is most people when deciding on the best treatment for Ice Pick Acne Scars that are not extremely deep but closer to the outer layer of skin, opt for drastic surgery before considering all of the options that are available to them.

We can’t stress enough that knowing all your options is paramount and that all natural alternatives are available to get rid of your Ice Pick Acne Scars permanently, that is if they are not extremely deep in which case surgery may be the only option. At-home microdermabrasion especially when combined with a natural regenerative skin cream does NOT have the extreme side effects associated with surgery.

Do yourself a favor and consider all your options and understand that at-home microdermabrasion is a real solution when it is combined with regenerative skin ingredients.

3. The third error we see is when considering an at-home microdermabrasion solution the majority of people have no idea how to gauge quality and opt for inferior products with inferior quality ingredients. Also when choosing an at-home microdermabrasion solution the majority miss out on proving the benefits that a combination exfoliant and regenerative serum can produce.

This issue occurs when searching for a solution to ice pick scars and missing some of the most important at-home microdermabrasion options available.

You can avoid this mistake by taking care to analyze all your options before jumping in.

Take our regenerative solution for instance, its as simple as having to coat and rub the area affected by acne scars with a cream that is packed with molecules that work with your own biology to yield the results you are after.

More specifically these active molecules are:
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  • Enzymes that dissolve damaged tissues
  • “Activators of skin regeneration” (*)
  • Antioxidants
  • Copper peptides
  • Molecules that orchestrate an orderly rebuilding of beautiful skin

Our powerful product made with BIOCUTIS Serum can also be used to get rid of new and old ice pick scars with its special inert micro-crystals to abrade the upper most micron of dead cells.

Understand these types of prevalent mistakes when choosing the best treatment for your ice pick acne scars and carefully avoid them. Instead, keep in mind the suggestions above with regard to doing it right. You will then be assured of much better results!

Our Solutions:

BIOSKINCARE relieves the side effects of laser resurfacing, and can be used in conjunction with isotretinoin drugs while acne is still active to strengthen the otherwise fragile skin caused by the drug and thus avoid the side effects of the isotretinoin or retinoid drug.


BIOSKINEXFOL at-home Microdermabration Cream, powered with BIOCUTIS Serum. For two months gently massage the cream with microcrystals into the affected skin twice a day every day and you will see results that will convince you that this is an option worth pursuing for longer, as it is gentle, with no risks whatsoever, and will not make deep holes in your wallet or pockets.

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  • Testimonials

    “The back of my scalp has be overrun by keloids and folliculitis. I have been seeing a doctor and treating this condition for about 5 years with very minimal results. I have been using this product for about 2 months and close to 60% of the keloids are gone or noticably smaller. The Folliculitis also seems to be healing. Thanks for a product that does what it says it will do.”

    Jack D Willm. Wyoming, USA