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Body Care

Introducing the BIOCUTIS Moisturizing Body Lotion, Stretch Mark Cream and Exfoliating Cream for scarsBody care has the effect of giving the skin a healthy and glowing appearance. The appropriate body care aids in the prevention of skin problems that pop up in our daily lives. We offer three products for body care to help you look gorgeous and feel rightly hydrated: BIOSKINLOTION for dry skin, and BIOBODYCREAM and BIOSKINEXFOL to eliminate scars and stretch mark. Because of their incredible synergy and the dramatic results experienced with their combination – we offer a savings kit that combines the two at a discounted price.

Body Care with Moisturizing Body Lotion

All body moisturizers consist of a combination of water and different types of oils and other emollient ingredients. Our BIOSKINLOTION is a body moisturizer for dry skin. It works all year long, even during winter time when the skin tends to be dryer because of air conditioning.

Our lotion when compared to BIOSKINMOISTURIZER – for the face – has a thinner consistency, and absorbs quickly, so it is perfect when you need lightweight, all-over moisture. It is also our most convenient product since it comes in a pump dispenser. Because it leave no residue, you can apply the body lotion in the morning and get dressed without having to worry about your clothes sticking to you.

Creams are thicker than lotions and contain more moisturizing oils. So, they’re best for extremely dry skin and areas that tend to be drier than others, like the arms and legs, which have fewer oil glands than the chest and back. If you get acne on your chest and/or back, your skin is producing enough natural oils, so skip the body cream in this area. Use a body cream if you see flaky skin or still feel dry despite using lotion. You may also want to switch to a heavier cream in the winter months or when you travel to a drier climate. To seal in moisture, apply the body lotion immediately after showering.

Body butters have the highest proportion of oils, so they’re very thick and rich, with the consistency of margarine. Common ingredients include shea butter, cocoa butter, and coconut butter. They can be greasy and hard to spread, so they’re best for small areas of very dry, cracked skin, such as elbows, knees, and heels. You may want to use these at night only to avoid leaving a greasy residue on everything you touch


“I find myself using about a 50 gram jar every 2 weeks, which may be a lot, but it works better for me. I had laser surgery last year for the scars, but there was no improvement in the scars so I have been desperate to find something… anything that would work, and believe me I have tried it ALL and nothing worked until now! Thank you so much for your product.”
Yvette M. Ohio, USA

I love this stuff. Has helped dramatically! Skin was never clearing up and now it is smoother and more even toned…significantly helps overnight to wake up looking fresher and clearer.
Moose Jaw, Canada.